About Us
Sober Escorts, Inc. was formed primarily to assist individuals traveling to, and returning from, residential treatment programs.

Many clients, who have shown positive progress and a sincere desire to stay clean and sober while in treatment, have not been able to do so during their first few days outside of the structured treatment setting. This transitional period is often awkward and uncomfortable for the recovering person. We help by offering support, encouragement, and companionship during this crucial time.

Sober Escorts assist with the transition from treatment back to everyday living. Our escort will meet your client at discharge, accompany them on their trip home, and within 24 hours, attend with them their first AA or NA meeting. We’ll go early and stay late, encourage them to meet people and get phone numbers. We’ll work together in making their home a clean and sober environment and we will do our utmost to see that the client follows through with their recommended discharge plan. Escorts are available to assist clients for as long as support is deemed necessary. We do offer gender specific companions.

We are also very familiar with the fear and uncertainty associated with the decision to admit oneself to alcohol and/or drug treatment. We’ve been there. Sober Escorts, Inc. has assisted numerous clients and loved ones on their journey to treatment. Our escorts are able to address concerns, allay fears, and impart the knowledge that they have made the best decision of their lives.

Rest assured that each of our escorts has met rigorous standards including a thorough background check. Most are personally known to us. They are in recovery and will conduct themselves with the highest ethical standards. Every escort is insured and bonded. They are trustworthy, dependable, and caring individuals who are well traveled, well read, and willing to share their experience, strength, and hope with your client.

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